Nebraska Updates

July 22, 2014  2:00 p.m.




Wednesday, July 23:      B2,   B3,    LL,  MLU,   and   LLF



Bus hopping requests can only be filled out the day before . . . I am unable to reserve spots for more than one day ahead.  The reason for this is that until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, I won't have all of the information that I need in order to slate how many buses are going out.  Thanks for your patience! 


Here is the link for bus hopping tomorrow.  FYI, how I go about choosing bus hoppers is always with the goal of giving as many attendance bonuses out as possible.  For example, if someone has 1 or 2 misses and can make up a day by bus hopping, that person will receive priority over a person who, let's say, went to camp for a week and is trying to make up 6 days.  I look also at the time stamps of when the requests come in, and then I must consider balancing new detasselers along with squad leaders on each bus.  


Sunday Volunteer Bus Form and Daily Bus Hopping Form:  The Sunday Volunteer Bus is for those who wish to make up missed days, gain more hours, or bank an extra day towards an attendance bonus. The Bus Hopping form is for when your own bus is rotated off and you're able to go on another bus.  If you're wanting to take advantage of this, you can sign up here:  Make sure you fill out your email address correctly!!  I try to respond to these requests, either way, by 6 p.m.  Thanks for your help!