Nebraska Updates

June 14, 2017


An earlier-than-normal start date is being predicted at this time.  We are looking at getting into the fields possibly between July 6 and July 8th.



April 20th, 2017


Although our buses are full for this season, we would encourage those of you still interested to apply.  As is often the case, people’s summer plans can change.  When I receive notification that someone can no longer commit to detasseling, then I go to our waiting list and sift through all of the applications to find the one that looks to be the best fit for our company.  I am strongly requesting that employees who have been hired for 2017 and have a change of plans for the summer notify us by May 1st.  Failure to notify us by May 1st can jeopardize future job opportunities with NATS and/or jeopardize our ability to give former employees a good reference for future jobs.