Nebraska Updates





Last night I delivered T-shirts to Elaine for the ONW and ELK buses.  She is available today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday) from 2 p.m. till 8 p.m.  You can grab your new NATS shirt by stopping by 4345 N. 81st Street, Omaha, NE today or tomorrow.  If that doesn’t work for you, I’ll be posting directions in the next day or two on how you can send me a postage-paid envelope so that I can send a shirt back to you in the envelope.




Today from 4:30 to 6:30 AT HOLMES LAKE we’ll get together one last time before school starts!  At 4:30 we’ll start serving pie and ice cream, and at 5:00 we’ll reveal the new T-shirt!  (I suggest bringing a Sharpie so you can write your name on the tag and not lose your shirt).  We’ll also have Cynci Petersen there to talk to us about this year’s special project:  vocational training for impoverished women in India!  Hope you can make it.








There have been some interesting conversations that have been taking place regarding reverence and God’s name.  If you haven’t grown up with that idea (parent or detasseler!), it may be a new concept for you.  The misuse of God’s name is pretty prevalent, pervasive, and prolific in our culture today!  But what does it mean to “take the Lord’s name in vain”?  Or another Bible translation says, “Don’t misuse the name of the Lord your God.”  A good way to help define that is when you think about saying God’s name, you would either be talking directly to Him (prayer), or talking to someone else about Him.  Once you think about it like that, you’ll start to become aware of how prevalent the misuse of His name really is.  Do you remember that one show where they’d remodel a family’s house, send them on a vacation, and then bring them back and have a big bus or something blocking the view of the newly remodeled house?  And then everyone would chant, “Move that bus!”  And the family would be surprised?  And what would almost always be the first thing that they said?  Right.  “Oh my ____!”  That would be an example of misusing God’s name.  You’re not talking to Him or about Him; His name has just become an exclamatory interjection.  (Sorry, sometimes my English major background does surface once in a while!)  So somebody who is becoming aware of God’s name and realizes that they are maybe using it as an interjection instead of giving it the reverence His name deserves, may well ask, “Well, what word or words could I use instead of God’s name?”  Great question.  Growing up, we often said, “Oh man!”  or “Oh my word!”  or “Oh my goodness!”  Or do you remember good ol’ Lyell Bremser, the voice of the Huskers, and his “Man, woman, and child!!  That’ll put ’em in the aisles!”  So great.    


A dear friend of mine who often misused God’s name has had a COMPLETE turnaround in just the past month or so.  To be honest, I completely lacked the courage to talk to her–until I had a wristband on my arm and kinda casually told her what I was doing this year with the wristbands and my beloved crew.  She looked a little stunned, and then the next day posted this awesome article about God’s name:   She then called me and told me how she would start to say “Oh my ___” and then would suddenly stop, and put her hand over her mouth.  It was honestly just the awareness factor and her being sensitive to God that made the change!!!  She sent me the sweetest thank-you card, and my first thought was, “How have I been such a coward all these years to not share with her before now?”  Are you in either of these boats?  The boat that hasn’t actually realized what it means to reverence God’s name?  Or are you in the boat that you’ve been taught what that means, yet it is ridiculously hard to start a conversation with someone who unknowingly does that and you don’t want to sound all legalistic or like you’re the grammar police?  If you’re in the first boat, I’m hoping the wristbands will help bring to your spirit an awareness of the God who loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with you.  If you’re in the second boat, I’m hoping the wristbands will give you courage to start conversations.  The two references I put on there can help put it in perspective.  Exodus 20:7:  “Do not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for I will not withhold punishment from those who misuse My name.”  And Matthew 6:9, when Jesus taught His disciples to pray, the first thing He said was, “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.”  If you’re in the first boat and know that you’ve been guilty of misusing His name, a great place to start is 1 John 1:9.  Look it up!  And if you’re in the second boat and have lacked courage to speak up, pretty much the same deal:  1 John 1:9.


So as of right now, I’ve given away 1500 of the wristbands . . . and I ordered another 1000 more and they’re sitting here on my table!  (What must they be thinking in some far-off factory in China?!  haha).   I will bring them to our end-of-the year parties and am hopeful you can take them back to school with you.  Wear one, give one.  That’s what I’ve been doing for weeks now, and the conversations that I’ve been able to have with people because of them have been really encouraging!!!  I’d love it if you could share with me any of your own stories as well.  Thanks for listening!  It’s been my privilege and joy to walk with you and work with you through this detasseling season.  LET’S BRING REVERENCE BACK!!!


Also, there was a very nice article written about us in the Wahoo newspaper!!  Here’s a link if you want to check it out: