Nebraska Updates


July 3, 2015


An email was sent out last night to all of the hired detasselers, and we included information on how to add yourself to our email and text message programs.  We also included your bus assistant’s name and phone number.  Please do NOT text or call this number unless you really have to; it is his or her personal cell phone number.  They also will not have any inside information on start dates.  If I know something, I’ll post it here.


Updated Potential Start Dates:  I am hearing from both seed companies that start dates  might be pushed back to around the 12th.  One seed company is predicting a slow start, and then predicts that the bulk of their acres will come between the 17th and the 24th.  This could make for a VERY quick season for all of us.  If this is how it ends up playing out, I can foresee some longer days, with all the buses going out, and potentially fewer opportunities for bus hopping this year.  Please bear in mind that these are only predictions; the weather can change things up on us in a hurry.


In case you missed our earlier post, here is a repeat of the supplies you’ll want to have ready to go:


If you haven’t gotten your gear together yet, here are some things you’ll want to gather up:  1-gallon water jug, arm socks (use old, tall soccer socks, or get ladies’ footless tights and cut off the top), a way to carry some water with you in the field (some options are:  freeze disposable water bottles and put in your pocket, runner’s waist belt for carrying water, off-brand Camelbak), sunscreen and BUG SPRAY.  We are hearing that due to the amount of rain (and subsequently standing water) that we have had, the mosquitoes are thick out there.  We recommend getting something with DEET in it.  In light of mosquitoes, it might be wise to wear some tights underneath your shorts and tall socks.  Bandannas around the neck would also be recommended.  We’ll provide you with gloves, safety glasses, and hats with nets.


We appreciate you all so much and are glad you’re part of the crew this year!