Nebraska Updates

August 10, 2016


Payroll 2.   Payroll 2 has been turned over to the payroll company!  We will send out a text alert when it’s in the mail.


T-shirts.  If you can’t make it to one of the pool parties and want a T-shirt, you can send me a large, self-addressed stamped envelope to me at 900 Twin Ridge Road and I’ll mail one back to you!  Please put your T-shirt size on the inside flap of the large envelope.  And if you’re wondering how much postage to use, you’d need SEVEN 47-cent stamps (or the “forever” stamps) to cover the mailing cost.  If you’re in Lincoln, you can also stop by the house.  Just make sure to call me first!  402.327.8743.


Start the story.  Do you have a cool detasseling story to share?  We’d like to continue sharing your stories in the off-season, and we would LOVE to have some fun pictures of you to post wearing your shirts out and about, or a picture of what you did with your detasseling money! You can email us at, or message us on Facebook at



End-of-Season Lincoln party is tonight!!  We’ve rented out Star City Shores at 27th and Hwy 2 for you from 8:30 to 10 p.m.  Modest swimwear required.  We will have your T-shirts ready for you at the pool parties!  One per employee, please!


The Projects Are Real.  Last week I received a super encouraging update about a project we began in India a few years ago.  As soon as I can get some technology help, I hope to share with you some of the impact that that project is still having!  But for this year, we are thrilled to be helping Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach.  A few days ago I received an email that brought me to tears instantly.  This hardworking, successful mom has given me permission to share it with you, our extended NATS family.  I hope it encourages you just as much as it did me!

“This is __________,  _______ ________’s mom. There are a few things I would like to discuss but first I want to say THANK YOU so much for all that your company does, not only for countless work experience opportunities that you have given to teens of all ages and backgrounds, but also for the outreaching efforts towards our community. My daughter has enjoyed every moment of this experience. She has grown and earned so much trust in my eyes and it just brings me tears of joy. I know she hopes to stick with the company until at least the summer after her high school graduation, if not even longer. While she is busting her chops in the fields, she is coming home and still taking care of her responsibilities, for the most part, while also being a NATS recruiter for next year’s season! Thank you so much!
I was reading the updates on the NATS website just now and I quickly developed uncontrollable water works. I believe I told you before, I used to detassel corn myself when I was my daughter’s age and living with my mom in Lincoln. I was the oldest of 6 children on my mom’s side and she was a single parent.  I detasseled from age 12 to age 14. I would’ve detasseled longer, but I was sent to a group home to get away from the upbringing I was enduring. There was a time when my siblings and I would walk to Matt Talbot’s Kitchen for meals. In fact, they did so much more than just feed us. They clothed us, they got us involved in sports, and even in connection with God and His teachings through the Salvation Army. On the holidays and our birthdays, they were able to offer each of us just one gift of something we needed or really wanted, and some of the volunteers pitched in to get us a birthday cake. So to hear that your company is making a generous donation to this non-profit organization, is so unbelievably touching. How, might I ask, would I be able to get in contact so I can make a generous donation myself? Again, thank you so much!”