Nebraska Updates

July 25, 2016


5:30 A.M. Departure Time for All Buses!


Tuesday:  ONLY TWO BUSES NEEDED:  ONW and BF  If you are from Elkhorn and would like to bus hop onto ONW, we have a few spots available.  I’ll email you back at 7 p.m. to let you know if we can get you on or not.  BF cannot accept any bus hoppers at this time.    The bus would NOT pick up at Elkhorn, but would leave from ONW and go straight to the field.  Here is the link for anyone from ELK who is wanting to bus hop:





Checks.  We are busy collecting all hours worked through today, Saturday the 23rd.  We’re working super hard to get them all entered and triple checked, and hope to have them to our payroll processor by midweek.  As soon as the checks are delivered to us, I’ll mail them out the same day and we’ll send a text alert out to let you know they’re in the mail!!  Favor to ask:  Please do NOT post pictures of your check on social media.  A couple of years ago, we had some detasselers do that, and the end result was that nearly $20,000 of fraudulent checks were written from Oregon to Maine!  (It’s the world we live in these days).






When will the season end?  I expect we will have a few fields dip into August.  I am hopeful to have some bus hopping opportunities become available not this week, but next week.