Nebraska Updates


August 17, 2015


Payroll 2:  We finished our final rewalk on Tuesday last week, and Payroll 2 has been processed and sent out!  Thanks for all your hard work this summer.


Detail Sheets:  Your detail sheets include coupon codes for John Baylor Test Prep courses and the Nebraska Safety Council driver’s ed classes.  Years of Experience are calculated based upon how many years you have worked prior to this year.  A year of experience = 10 days in the field.  So for example, if you’re a third-year detasseler this year, you would have two years of detasseling experience.  If you worked last year, you’ll probably notice that this season is almost flipped from last year’s season.  That is, last year our crew logged more hours in the second payroll period, whereas this year our crew logged the bulk of its hours in the first payroll period.


Cashing Checks.  Best Option:  Deposit or cash it from your own savings/checking account.  If you don’t have an account, now might be a good time to think about getting one!  If you’re in Lincoln, my branch office at Wells Fargo 66 and O Streets will cash it without an account. Good Option:  Sign check over to your parents so they can cash it from their account and you won’t have any bank cashing fees.  (You will have to have a parent go with you to the bank, though).  Not-so-great Option:  Cash it at a bank and pay bank check cashing fee.  Worst Option:  Cash it at a check cashing outlet store.  The fees here will be very expensive.  By the way, DON’T post pictures of your checks on Facebook or other social media.  This can lead to check fraud.   PLEASE cash your checks within the next two weeks so that we can close our books for the season.


T-shirts:  If you didn’t get a T-shirt, please feel free to stop by and pick one up.  Just call before you come!  402.327.8743.  Or you can send us a large, self-addressed stamped envelope and we’ll send one to you.  Just put the size(s) you need on the inside flap of the large envelope and we’ll get that out to you.


NATS Project:  This summer we were able to help HOPE Venture start a brand-new women’s vocational center in Bangalore, India.  You can check out the HOPE Venture Facebook page for more details.


Poetry:  We received so many great entries this year, including a reprise of a Lord of the Rings song, two “Let It Go” Frozen renditions, and a host of other poems.  The winner for Omaha was Logan Boeker, with his take on “Detasseling is Awesome.”  And for Lincoln, the Canarsky brothers teamed up with Troy White to create a new rendition of a Veggie Tales tune called “We are the Detasselers Who Don’t Do Anything.”   


Thank you all so much for teaming up with us this summer.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication.  We hope you all have a great start to your school year.