Nebraska Updates


February 29, 2016


ONLINE APPLICATION OPENS UP ON MARCH 1ST!!  We’ll be opening up our online application process on March lst, and encourage you and your friends to apply as soon as you’re able to!  We’ll activate it at 6 a.m.  We’ll collect and review all of the applications until the end of March and make hiring decisions accordingly.  We’ll respond to to ALL applicants at the beginning of April to let them know if we have a spot for them or not.  Returning detasselers DO need to fill out an application so that we can reserve a spot for you, but you will not have to attend an orientation meeting.  HINT:  It’s better to take your time and fill out the application very thoroughly, giving us lots of information about yourself, than to race through it quickly.  Since we can’t personally interview everyone, the more you let us know about yourself, the more that helps us in making hiring decisions.


SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY:  The Lincoln Independent Business Association offers 12 scholarships for seniors in Lancaster County, and we encourage you to apply!  Their website is


INCREASED ACRES:  Our acres out west of Lincoln will be increasing, and we are right now tentatively going to be adding one bus in order to be able to accommodate the extra acres.