What Others Say

“Having detasseled with NATS for five years, I have worked with several different NATS buses. NATS has always been staffed by individuals with a deep sense of integrity. As the company’s high rate of returning workers attests, there is no other detasseling company with such committed leaders.”

- Taylor G., fifth-year detasseler

“I love the comradeship that it promotes and the great people that I get to hang out with every day. It goes without saying that I also enjoy the money, but there is more to it than that. I really value the friendships and good times that you can’t get anywhere else than at 5 o’clock in the morning on a muddy bus.”

- David T., detasseler

“I have greatly enjoyed working with NATS over the years. The workers all gain a sense of what it means to earn their money and a great sense of teamwork. I admire the integrity and respect shown by the bus drivers and the bus assistants towards the workers.”

- Brian S., detasseler

“People are always impressed when I say I’ve detasseled for the last three summers.  It’s hot, hard work, and I’m so not a morning person, but every year, I’ve been sad to see the season end.  Last summer on the Messiah bus was awesome! We had so much fun both on and off the bus with the ‘rose ceremonies,’ Sonic slushies, Yogurtini, and Valentino’s! I have made some great friends through NATS, and I might not have ever met them otherwise!”

- Kourtney K., detasseler

“Although I got into detasseling in order to build my bank account, the money that I made over a four-year period was just a portion of the benefits produced by hard work and determination. Every day was an opportunity to receive wages while getting a bronze summer tan, working out (walking several miles each day), and hanging out with my friends on the crew, while walking up and down the rows of corn. It also taught me leadership skills as I was usually a squad leader in charge of anywhere from 2-6 coworkers, checking their rows for accuracy.


One of the greatest benefits though, was the respect and hardworking reputation that comes along with being a veteran detasseler. I’ve had three jobs, one college career, and am currently employed as a physical therapist.  I have never met a manager or a peer who was unimpressed with my job history of detasseling. I am forever grateful to Dawn Buell and NATS Detasseling for such a positive work environment and the benefits that I continue to reap.


Four years of detasseling?  The price of my first car.  The respect and admiration I earned for life?  Priceless.”

- David K., physical therapist

“As parents we have wanted to give our daughters opportunities to know the value of hard work, and NATS has provided that for us. My husband and I have appreciated the high standard that is required of them, excellent working environment, and knowing the value of a dollar. Thank you, NATS!!!!”

- Anne K., mom

“I wanted to say that my first year of detasseling was great. I loved my bus! I loved everyone on it. It was awesome!”

- Email received from first-year detasseler

“When I’m inspecting a field, I can almost tell whether or not it’s a field that the NATS crews have pulled because of their attention to detail.”

- Jess S., Syngenta Seeds

“I appreciate the high level of attention to safety that the NATS crew has.”

- Jon B., Mycogen Seeds

“Thank you for providing our boys with such a rewarding job when they detasseled for you this summer.  Not only did they learn the value of hard work by getting the reward of their first paychecks, but they had a fun time meeting some other great kids and working for your top-notch staff people.  Thanks again for a great experience.  Our family loved reading your daily updates, and your spiritual messages meant so much.  We hope the boys will be invited back next year.”

- Jeff and Laura S., parents

“Dawn, thank you for being such an amazing boss to work with.  I have had many, many jobs in the past and there is not one manager or boss that even comes close to how you treat me and the others you are in charge of.  Every year your attitude towards us is the same as well, and you don’t become a jerk like most bosses are when they have a lot of power.  For that, I am thankful.  You are a very generous person as well, and I pray that God blesses you for that.  Your kindness is not forgotten.  Also, thank you so much for the pay raise.  Like I said earlier, this season I was in great need of money, and this job along with your bonuses (kindness) has made my trip to Africa much more possible.  Before detasseling I was expecting to have to take a loan out to go on this trip, but now I don’t have to.”

- Jason H., bus assistant for the Force

“I’m for sure going to detassel next year because I love detasseling.  I just want to say that I wouldn’t want to detassel on any other company because NATS rocks!!!  (I also can’t wait for the pool party!)”

- Mason L., fifth-year detasseler

“I’d like to thank you for your efforts to develop NATS.  I am impressed with how you try and meet the needs of all your clients–producer, employee, and parents.  As a parent I am thrilled to find an organization with high standards of performance and character.”

- Don L., dad

“This ’06 season was my first year of detasseling and I just want to say  that I had so much fun.  I actually sort of miss going out into the field everyday! I loved my Faith OPC bus and the people on it! I had a blast and can’t wait to be back next year!”

- Ashley B., first-year detasseler

“On a personal note, I am so grateful for all that you do to serve the families of your employees–from the meeting, paper work demos, phone tree, the website, tips–and for all the detail and work involved in wrangling up all the kids and teaching them a positive work ethic in a positive environment.  It was very challenging work, but our son did it with commitment, pride and a lot of duct tape.  (Thanks for that tip!)”

- Lisa B., mom

“We wanted to write and tell you thank you for the opportunity our son was given for his first official job.  We appreciate the environment you established for the kids and the tone that the leadership set.  We believe it was a good experience for him.  It’s encouraging to see people who run companies with integrity and Christian principles!”

- Pat and Lori H., parents

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the things you do to take care of us detasselers! You’re really committed to making sure everything is as fair for us as possible, which is a really rare thing, I’d say. How cool is it that you send us pizza and popsicles out on the field, give us all hats and t-shirts, throw everyone a pool party at the end of the season, and still pay us well? That’s amazing, and so thank you. Detasseling just wouldn’t be the same if I wasn’t with NATS!”

- Mark H., fifth-year detasseler

“I just wanted to say thank you very, very much for everything you did for us this year! Bringing out popsicles and candy and pizza to the fields to us is absolutely amazing!!! We really, really appreciate that you do that for us! And providing us with hats and making us cool company t-shirts and organizing an end-of-the-season party!  Thank you so much for making NATS detasseling a Christ-centered company.  Basically, I just want to say that NATS is the best detasseling company I know of.”

- Laura A., third-year detasseler

“Thank you so much for creating NATS.  Everything about it is so positive.  I so appreciate the joy and love there is with our bus drivers.”

- Rosalind R., first-year detasseler

“I had a great time detasseling for your company!  I met some really cool kids and a great bus driver and bus assistant!  Thank you so much for organizing such a great company and giving me the opportunity to work for you.  I hope to work with your company next year!”

- Seherzada M., first-year detasseler

“Thank you for always having encouraging words to say.  I appreciate all your hard work in making this a Christian organization.  I had an awesome experience, and hope to detassel again next year through NATS!  God bless you!”

- Ashlee R., first-year detasseler

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work for your company.  It really means a lot that you would strive so hard to create a Christian work environment.  Your company really created a stronger work ethic in my spirit.  I know you are making a big impact on many youth.”

- Tim L., first-year detasseler

“I wanted to thank you for allowing me to work on the Force this year. I’ve had a lot of fun and the extra money will definitely help out with college! I really respect how you run this company and feel very fortunate to be a part of it. Thanks for all you do!!”

- Leah B., member of the Force

“I just wanted to take this time and thank you for everything that you’ve done for me over the years. I really do appreciate the way you treat us, especially now that I’ve had other jobs where they treat their workers like animals. I tell all of the new kids I meet that if they don’t like detasseling they should go work at a movie theatre for two weeks, and then they’ll appreciate a job with a boss who actually treats her workers in a humane and human way. It really hit me last year when you and your daughters pulled an entire field for us, just so we wouldn’t have to. I’ve challenged all of my friends to find another boss who would do that for his employees, and none of them have yet. Thanks again.”

- Thadd H., member of the Force

“We are SO pleased with NATS and all the wonderful supervisors and kids. It is like night and day compared to the company she worked with before.  We also like your daily updates and encouraging words. I only wish we had found you sooner! Thank you so much for making this a rewarding experience.”

- Patty H., mom

“Adrian has enjoyed working the fields again this year (which is hard for me to understand!).  You have a gem in Matt Wagner as a bus driver. Adrian talks about him and his funny quips all the time. He has a knack for making work fun.  Thank you for your enthusiasm, the pep talks and recognizing the kids’ hard work.”

- Dawn Z., mom

“Just wanted you to know that we appreciate the way you run your crews, the professional way you deal with everyone and the Christian atmosphere.  This has been a great experience for Brandon.”

- Russ and Janine M., parents

“I enjoyed detasseling last year because of the friends I made and the fun work of having to trudge through mud with all my friends. I learned the skill of keeping my mind focused on the job ahead.”

- Ben C., detasseler

“I have been with NATS for four years and I am refreshed every year by the positive atmosphere and the hardworking employees.”

- Allyson D., detasseler

“I have worked with NATS for two years and I love the people there.  The money is good and I feel appreciated while working with them.  I have many good memories and good friends from these years.”

- Kathryn D., detasseler

“I have loved the environment at NATS – there is no better place to learn what it means to have a quality work ethic while having fun. Detasseling has equipped me with skills that will benefit me for years to come, and I am excited for another year!”

- Karli S., detasseler

“A quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your home page.  All the messages from you and your drivers are inspirational to the kids, and especially to me.  I know my kid is working with the best company.  I’ve told many other parents, ‘I have no worries about my kid after I drop them off at the bus, because I know they are in the best hands!’


I believe you put God and hard work first and that you are helping me teach my son a valuable lesson with regards to positive attitude and good work ethic.  I tell him that being a Christian and caring for other people is fantastic, but you can do even more for others if you work hard to ensure your own success and the success of those around you.


Thank you for being a ‘no dancing around it’ Christian company.  Thank you for having strict work rules that you require of the kids.  Thank you for being a great place for my son to work.  Wishing you, your family, and your company continued success and happiness!”

- Kevin R., parent

“I really enjoy the work. You meet a lot of interesting people. I really like our bus driver and her assistant. NATS always has a family atmosphere and makes me feel welcome.”

- Shara B., detasseler

“It was a great experience, and what a sense of accomplishment at the end of the season to have done something well, not just personally but as a bus and a company.”

- Jemma F., detasseler

“I love the positive and clean working environment that promotes teamwork and perseverance, and has provided me with great friends.”

- Keith P., detasseler

“I’ve worked for NATS for the last four years. Something I love about the company is being around the people. Everyone is just so much fun to be around, and the bus drivers and bus assistants are so great and so encouraging. I’d like to work for NATS again because I wouldn’t just be working, but enjoying my time there as well.”

- Megan D., detasseler

“Last year, I had a blast at NATS. Everyone was so nice and, honestly, the 5AM wake-ups weren’t that bad. I learned a LOT about hard work and dedication and would love to do it all over again. My friends from detasseling who I go to school with often reminisce about the good times on the detasseling bus.”

- Alexandra P., detasseler

“It was very hard work last year but also a great experience! I felt safe and also knew what to expect. I liked that I could earn money for my college fund even though I was only 13. Mr. Wagner and everyone on our bus was great!”

- Jorie K., detasseler

“I LOVE NATS SOOOO MUCH. NATS is a friendly environment where I not only get money, but also am encouraged and build lifelong friends. The bus assistants and drivers will always encourage us to keep pushing on those days when everyone is drained. The co-workers are friendly and will also encourage you. NATS is the type of place I could work for the rest of my life.”

- Austin R., detasseler

“When compared to the other detasseling companies, NATS is overall the best choice. The staff and employees are great people and are always willing to cheer you on.”

- Brennan P., detasseler

“NATS Detasseling is a wonderful company! I love how they are owned and operated by a Christian family. In the three years I’ve detasseled, I have made so many close friends. I enjoy working with the squad leaders. I love the experience of being a squad leader and being able to motivate other workers through the fields. The bus assistants have made the seasons so fun. I appreciated the fact that all the bus drivers and bus assistants are out there with all of us to motivate and encourage us every step of the way. Working for NATS is definitely the best work experience I’ve ever had.”

- Alexandra H., detasseler

“I can honestly say I would not be the person I am if I never detasseled for NATS. This company and the people in it have contributed in so many ways to making me a better person. It has given me a stronger work ethic, and even more importantly a stronger respect for every person I meet. Detasseling has been a crucial part of my high school years. I would love to spend my summer going into senior year the same way I spent it going into freshman year. This is truly a wonderful company to work for, and I cannot imagine my summer without it.”

- Kenna S., detasseler

“I have detasseled for 5 or 6 years and I absolutely love working for Dawn. I love the community and fellowship everyone shares and even though the work is tough, I find myself looking forward to it every year! Being on the Force for the first time last year was an amazing experience and it helped me pay off my first year of college. I definitely can’t wait to be back on LLF again this year!!”

- Sarah S., detasseler

“I have detasseled with NATS for two years, and especially last summer, had a lot of fun. I want to work for a company that I know will treat me fairly, pay me fairly, and care about my well-being and safety in the fields. With NATS, I know I don’t have to worry about this.”

- Ellen F., detasseler

“NATS has a great and friendly atmosphere. It’s definitely my first choice, and I would choose working here over any other company that pays more. The workers are friendly, the bus assistants and drivers are nice, and I always leave the field smiling. It prepares kids for other jobs later in life by giving them good, hard work. NATS is the best place to be.”

- Thomas F., detasseler

“I’ve detasseled with NATS for the past 2 years and have loved every aspect of it: the hard work, the sense of accomplishment, the people, and – surprisingly – even the corn rash (call me crazy). The feeling of a sense of family when you walk on to the bus at 6:30 in the morning more than makes up for the fact that it’s 6:30 in the morning. I love the challenge and hard work that goes into detasseling and I would love to work another year.”

- Anna T., detasseler

“I have enjoyed my last three summers working with NATS. I enjoy all of the people I have had the pleasure to work beside. The great work ethic that I learn by perseverance and hard work is priceless. The leadership skills it has provided me when I have been squad leader have helped me grow in all areas of life. I cannot imagine my summer without detasseling for NATS. It is the best part of my summer. I love having a job that I am excited to go to every day and that challenges me to persevere. It is more than being part of a team; it feels like family.”

- Ceirra A., detasseler

“I have worked for NATS for three years now and have loved every minute of it. It’s so much fun and you meet so many new people and it’s so inspiring to have so many new friends in such a short period of time. Whatever bus you choose to be on, you become a family and the atmosphere is great.”

- Kiera H., detasseler

“I love working for NATS. This summer will be the 6th year I’ll work for them. I honestly can’t see myself doing anything else in the summer. Working for NATS has really helped me become a better worker and gain endurance. It’s even better when you are working beside some really fantastic people who want to work hard. The detasseling experience with NATS is so positive.”

- Rachel O., detasseler

“I have worked for NATS the past two years and have enjoyed the work experience. I feel like I’ve always been treated fairly when at work. I look forward to working for NATS in the years to come.”

- Alijah J., detasseler

“I’ve really enjoyed working for NATS each of the past 5 summers. I love the people, atmosphere, opportunity to work, and the work itself. I have made countless friends through NATS, and look forward to making more. The leadership and people skills I have acquired from working for NATS have also been invaluable to me in my other endeavors.”

- Nathan K., detasseler

“This will be my fifth year detasseling with NATS and I can honestly say it’s one of the highlights of my summer. I always enjoy working with the people on my bus and, call me crazy, but I love doing hard work like this.”

- Hannah G., detasseler

“The company is incredibly well-run and possesses high standards, the work atmosphere encourages personal growth and a hard work ethic, and the people are wonderful.”

- Hannah F., detasseler

“The crew was great and it was a great experience for him.  Good kids and good company.  He is already talking about next year and telling his friends.”

- Nianna W., parent

“I love detasseling for NATS! The environment is so great and, last summer, I met some of my best friends. I am comforted to know that this company upholds integrity, hard work and clean language. I also really like that it is a steady summer job, where I can make some money before next year at college.”

- Cambria B., detasseler

“I seriously had so much fun last year! My bus had awesome crew members and the leaders were so nice! I wasn’t expecting to gain so much out of only 3 weeks of work…and I’m not just talking about money.”

- Elise J., detasseler

“I wouldn’t detassel with any other company, because I value the high standard of excellence that NATS sets.  I am challenged to be diligent, honest, and encouraging when I am in the field.  Lessons such as these will keep paying me back even after I spend my earnings on my college education!”

- Abigail S., detasseler

“Dawn, I’d like to jot you a quick note to say THANK YOU! Jeremiah is privileged to be able to work for you at NATS, and I know that he is having a blast!  I appreciate you–and I’m sure I don’t know half of what you deal with–and how hard you work to be fair to everyone and keep morale up.  🙂  God bless you!”

- Anja K., parent

“Dawn, thanks for being such a wonderful boss.  The encouraging messages you sent to the workers provided such a wonderful demonstration of an employer’s Christlike care for her employees.  I am so impressed with your organization–your note to the workers titled ‘Random Thoughts’ on July 21 just blew me away.  I count it an extra blessing that my daughter can observe an employer who operates with the transparency and kindness that was in your note.   Thanks for being such a wonderful example for my daughter.  She had a great time in the fields.”

- Catherine W., parent

“Hey Dawn, I just wanted to thank you for an excellent detasseling season.  I’m not going to lie–I was not exactly looking forward to the hard work and the usual punk kids that accompany detasseling, but this season was my best ever.  My fellow force members, Jason Harms, and Ethan Shaw were great.  I must admit that your goal of caring for your employees and placing their interests among your own really did show and it made working for you a great joy.  I think you should pat yourself on the back right now, because the detasseling company that you wanted to form has, in my eyes, become an awesome company that should be a model for other companies.


I MUST thank you for all the hard work that you put in . . .thanks for all the ice cream!   In my three years with the other company, I only got ice cream once, so NATS is surely superior 🙂   When you came on the bus at the end of the season, that really showed that you cared and had your employees’ interests in mind.  You decided to encourage us and be with us, when most employers wouldn’t have and just kept that pizza money for themselves.  Thanks for a great season!”

- Samuel N., transfer from another company and member of the Force

“Thanks for providing this type of opportunity for my kids.  There is another company that picks up in Eagle, Nebraska which is only ten minutes from my house instead of thirty; however, the environment isn’t very friendly and so it is sooooo worth the extra drive for me to have them with the bus driver and assistants that they have been around these past few weeks.


My son’s 18-year-old friend has detasseled for years with that other company and says that as a leader, he is instructed to swear at the kids and yell at them to ‘motivate’ them.  He says that they laugh and make fun of NATS for their kind and less vulgar attitudes and says that it isn’t natural for the detasseling world.  I say thanks to you for providing this and I am thankful that my kids aren’t getting yelled at.”

- Pam S., parent

“Dawn, I just wanted to let you know working with NATS this summer has been very positive and rewarding for Austin.  He truly enjoyed the work, meeting the people and never once complained about getting up early.  Thanks again for providing a positive working environment for these youth.”

- Denise D., parent

“Thank you for taking such good care of my son.  This is a tremendous character builder for him . . . I admire the way you run your business to glorify Him, and that you care so much for all the kids.  Bryan has loved this experience and has stated, ‘Sign me up for next year!!!’  A HUGE thank you to you and your organization!!!!!!!”

- Mark and Shelly A., parents

“Thank you very much for a great summer and we can’t wait until next season!!! Cody enjoyed his experience.  Thank you again for everything!”

- Randy and Michelle H., parents

“Lauren loves her detasseling group and I think that’s what makes all the hard work worth it–the people.  It has been a great experience and we are thankful to you and your dedication to the kids through your faith.”

- Gail B., parent

“Hey!  By the way, I just wanted to thank you for three great years of amazing fun detasseling; the atmosphere at NATS is unlike any other.  Thanks!”

- Austin W., fourth-year detasseler

“Hi Dawn!  My kids absolutely love detasseling!  Since day one they have looked forward to each day’s adventures and, even though tired, still say it’s great.  Thanks for doing such a great job with all your kids!”

- Diane M., parent

“I hope you’re resting this late Saturday evening.  I just want to say thanks for the daily updates on the web.  I like how you explain things for the workers and us parents, too.  Plus your thoughts are positive and faith-based.”

- Jan M., parent

“I know it is too late for this season to sign up with your company. I’m emailing you to see if possibly you would be able to put my daughter on your mailing list for next year. Unfortunately she signed up for the first time with a different company this year, and has been highly disappointed. She has a friend that works  for your company (first year) and has only good things to say about her experience so far.


My daughter has come home every day just miserable. She has had to wait for the more experienced teens to finish rows for up to almost two hours, while sitting in the heat, she is not allowed to take a water bottle into the fields, and has to leave her jug on the bus for break times. Today the bus got stuck and it took three extra hours that she will not be paid for to get home.  Along with the heat and no water she is feeling sick and wants to just quit. I stumbled across your web site after hearing good things from other parents. Needless to say after reading through your web site I wish we would have done a little more checking around, before she committed to the company she is with.”

- a DISAPPOINTED parent and detasseler

“I would like to detassel with NATS [again] because of the positive work environment. I can trust in this organization to gain valuable work experience for future jobs. I respect the fact that you prefer to hire responsible and mature teens over others. I can be confident with my colleagues and have a more enjoyable time. Most of all I can trust NATS to help me succeed and accomplish something great this summer.”

- Claire L., detasseler

“I have had a great experience working for NATS the past 4 years. I have had a great time meeting new people and getting to know them. When I started detasseling, I honestly never thought I’d do it this many years, but it has grown into something I enjoy doing.”

- Ethan R., detasseler

“I love the atmosphere at NATS! The encouragement, enthusiasm, and joy of my fellow detasselers, bus assistants, and drivers have left me with wonderful memories.”

- Rosemary P., detasseler

"I love working for Dawn and she is the best boss you could ask for. Always looking out for us and supporting us."

- Brandon O., detasseler

“I really like the time I get to spend with other kids. Being out in the corn can be quite an adventure.”

- Gabryelle M., detasseler

“I LOVE DETASSELING. I want to detassel because this job builds work ethic, is a great money maker, and with friends on the bus is darn right fun. Seriously, I can’t imagine doing anything else during the summer.”

- Wyatt H., detasseler

“I would like to detassel with NATS again because of the friendships I have made my previous years and the safe environment NATS provides to work in. Detasseling is my favorite part of the summer and I always look forward to meeting new people, working with old friends, having fun, and encouraging everyone. I am excited for detasseling all year long, and I can’t wait to form even stronger friendships.”

- Aubrey H., detasseler

“Last year was my first year detasseling. I was really anxious about what it would be like, but after my first day with NATS I knew I was going to stick with it! I love NATS because it’s so easy to make friends and I’m always in a safe environment. I like the fact that I’m always moving and staying active while I work, and even get to run in some cases.”

- Sara B., detasseler

“I have enjoyed working with NATS for the past seven years. It is an amazing opportunity to earn money and build relationships with co-workers. The environment is centered on Christ; I love the encouraging atmosphere experienced while gaining wages and friendships.”

- Julie B., detasseler

“It was a great experience. Even though I know how to work hard, I feel that the work ethic that detasseling instills is invaluable. I also feel it is part of my heritage growing up in Nebraska.  The fellowship with other teens who are not afraid to sweat is high quality!”

- Faith C., detasseler

“I really enjoyed my experience last year. My friend Anna had recommended that I work for NATS in the summer. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but it ended up being a great experience. Our bus driver Matt Wagner was very encouraging and funny too. I loved being on his bus. For me detasseling was hard work, but it was very rewarding.”

- Emily P., detasseler

“My son is already recruiting for next summer!!  He wrote his first English paper on detasseling–it was quite the writing.  What an experience this whole detasseling has been for him.  He got a short note from his bus driver with positive feedback which encouraged him even more.  Thank you so much for all the positive and encouraging updates we get from you throughout their progress.  As a parent, I think very highly of your company and am proud to say our son detassels for NATS.”

- Irene R., parent

“Hi Dawn!  I just wanted to tell you thank you very much for this season.  Although detasseling isn’t always the most fun job, I enjoyed NATS and the people.  The godly, Christian environment is a nice relief from other companies.  Anyway, thanks again and I hope to see you next season.”

- Henry O., first-year detasseler