Application Form

For New Detasselers and Detasselers Coming to Us From Other Companies:   Our goal is have notifications sent out to you between April 1st and April 15th to let you know whether or not I can get you on the crew for this year.   If you are applying close to the end of March or after, you will automatically be put on our waiting list and we’ll send out additional notifications if any spots open up.  If accepted, your notification will include information about how to complete the hiring process.  You will need to provide documentation at that time proving that you are eligible to work in the United States (Social Security card, etc.).


For Returning NATS Detasselers:   Please fill out a new application as close to March 1st as possible, so we know what spots we have available for new detasselers.  After receiving your application, we’ll send you an email around April 1st that will require your response.  Specifically, you will be asked to complete parental permission forms that the various seed corn companies require.  YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED COMPLETE UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR FORMS EITHER BY MAIL OR EMAIL.

Please fill out the application only once!  Using correct punctuation, capitalization, and filling it out thoroughly helps your application stay competitive against other applicants!

This email address must be unique to each employee; for example, siblings may not use the same email address.
Must be 13 by July 1.

Bus Site Information

Bus Site Information Please choose your primary and secondary bus site pickup locations. If you are unsure of the specific address for one of the pickup zones, please check here for detailed address information.

Work and Life Experience

Code of Conduct Agreement and Parental Permission