Season Updates

March 1, 2019


It’s rather strange to be thinking about pulling tassels when the snow is flying, but that’s exactly what I’m doing!  We hope you’ll be able to join us again this year, and perhaps bring a friend or two (or a younger sibling) along with you!  Our application will open up on March 1st.  We do encourage you to apply sooner rather than later, as last year we had to turn away almost 400 applicants.  However, it is better to fill out the application thoroughly rather than speedily, as the applications are competitive.  Returnees have first priority on the crew, and then we’ll fill in the extra spots with new detasselers.   Thanks for your patience as I sift through all of the applications during the month of March!  And I’ll make sure to email you either way towards the beginning of April to let you know if I’m able to get you on the crew or not.