Season Updates

August 4, 2018


Payroll 2 is almost complete!!  All fields have closed.  We expect our payroll to be verified by the payroll company at the beginning of the week.  As soon as the checks arrive, we’ll send out an alert to let you know to be watching for them!  By the way, we would love to hear what you’re choosing to spend your $$ on, or how you’re saving it, or whatever else wonderful things you are doing!  You are our inspiration.  Also,  what places will you and your NATS T-shirt end up visiting?  We’d love to see selfies of you and your T-shirt living life.


LINCOLN PARTY:  We’ve rented out Star City Shores for you this year!!  Parents are welcome to come as well!  Of course, when we rented it out at the beginning of summer, we had no idea the season would start so early and end so soon!  Our party will be on Thursday, August 9th from 8:30 to 10 p.m.  We would LOVE LOVE LOVE for our ONW and ELK peeps to join us!  It’s a fun water park in Lincoln.  If y’all want to talk about it tomorrow night at your party in Omaha, we’d love to figure out a way to get you down to Lincoln to close out the season with us with a bang!  We’ll give you your T-shirt, and are looking forward to an update from the Hope Venture about our project for this year!  Hope you all can join us.



What is “Normal”, Anyway?

So perhaps some of you who were on the regular buses last year noticed that you seemed to be going out a lot more often this year.  And maybe you were wondering, “I thought she said it was going to be a ‘down’ year; that acres were down and we would have fewer hours.”  Yup.  You heard that correctly.  I tried to be upfront at all of the orientation meetings about that.  And just when I think I know something, everything changes.  You see, another company who hires workers from out of state was unable to bring their crew here, due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control, and there were more fields out west that needed to be done to make up for their absence.  The good news is that each of our regular buses was ready to take that on, and they were able to gain more hours in the process.  The only downside to that is that I was not able to offer very many bus hopping opportunities, due to buses not being rotated off very often.  However, more fields and more hours overall is always a better option than having lots of bus hopping opportunities.  And you guys did a GREAT job in covering all of the extra fields!   Wow!  What you guys accomplish never ceases to amaze me!

I trust this detasseling experience this summer has helped mold and shape and prepare you for whatever lies ahead.  You’ve conquered tall corn, green snap, unevenly machined fields, rain, mud, and just plain old tiredness.  You’ve seen more sunrises than most teens will ever see, you’ve made new friends who will have your back, you’ve reached deep and found something inside that says “I CAN!!!”, you’ve shocked your parents with your “I-won’t-quit” attitudes, and you’ve seen the power that occurs when individuals come together to do something greater than any one of us can do by ourselves.  Those of us from the city have seen a bit of the agricultural side of our state.  Nebraska needs you.  We love you.  We consider you part of our NATS family.  We would love to hear from you post-season!!  (Like, what are you going to spend your money on?  Can you take a selfie of yourself in your NATS T-shirt and post it on our Facebook page?  We’d love to see where your NATS shirt takes you!)  You are my inspiration, the wind beneath my wings, and I thank you for doing a fantastic job this summer.  Rest well, and take that can-do attitude with you back to school!


With all my heart,





 Also, there was a really nice article in today’s Lincoln Journal Star about one of our detasselers!  Here’s the link in case you want to read it:  Tossing Tassels With One Arm