Season Updates

April 14, 2019


I must convey a very, very huge “thank you” to all of you patiently waiting for word about your applications.  As you know, severe flooding has affected many of our counties in Nebraska, including fields that were originally planned to be detasseled this summer.  To give you an idea of the scope, I learned recently that one field had roughly 90,000 tons of sand dumped onto it from a flooded river.

The good news is that two days ago I received the encouraging word that they have been able to find alternate fields to plant seed corn, and it does not appear that our company will have any reduction in acres.  This good word has given me the green light to go ahead and make final hiring decisions.  This is one of the best and worst parts about my job, because there are so many wonderful applications to read through.  Making the final decisions is super hard!  Returnees do have priority, and we are grateful to have so many returning detasselers!  I have most of the buses done now, and I’m working on the final two buses.  To give you an idea of how difficult it is, I’m sifting through about 75 first-time detasseler applications for one particular bus site, but I only have 11 spots left.  I am VERY grateful for your patience, and I’m hoping to have emails out to everyone within the next 24 hours.


With gratitude,