March 31, 2020


Important Announcements for the Upcoming Season!


1.  The federal government has designated seed corn production as an essential and vital job for our country.


This means that corn will be planted and detasseling will be happening this summer.  We need to make sure our food supply chains stay solid.  Our greatest hope is that the current pandemic would be over with completely by then; but if not, we’ll be working together with seed companies and the CDC to keep our workers safe.


2.  Our company will have an increase in acres–and we’re still hiring!


This happy news came to us during the past week, and we’re looking at adding an extra bus either at our Berean location or our Parkview location.  We’ll also be adding a roguing bus for Omaha.  This bus will get to do some pre-season roguing work, and then it will transition to providing extra detasseling support for the Omaha detasseling crews.


3.  No orientation meetings for new detasselers this spring.


We are going to be moving to an onboarding hiring process that will be paperless and all online.  We’ll also be sharing videos with new detasselers so they will be informed on what to wear and bring to the fields.


4.  There will be delays this year as we complete our hiring process.


Because we are, one, building an onboarding infrastructure right now, in lieu of having the orientation meetings, and two, adding extra buses, it’s going to take us a bit longer to finalize our crew list.  Also, we recognize that some of our experienced high school and college workers, who were counting on an internship or a different job, may have had those opportunities canceled.  Again, the great news is that seed corn production has been deemed as essential, which means our jobs will definitely be here this summer.  Once we start to get bus lists finalized, we will be emailing you all out with the details on what to do next.  And if we can’t get you on the crew, we’ll also email you to let you know that as well.  Thank you SO much for your patience right now as we innovate through uncharted waters!