Season Updates

July 16, 2018


Tuesday, July 17:  All Buses, Except MLU and LLF

MLU, unfortunately at this time our regular buses are too full to allow for bus hopping at this point.  If something opens up for us in upcoming days, I will be sure to activate the link on this page.

All of the buses are doing really, really well.  Not a weak link in the bunch! 


Another Hazy Forecast

We have two main growing districts for the ONW and ELK buses.  I think they will be wrapping up with first pulls by the weekend, with maybe a rewalk falling at the beginning of next week. 


We had a really fantastic day in the fields today.  So much ground got covered, and the work ethic and attitudes were spectacular!!  You are really getting into the swing of things now.  On Wednesday I will be sending ONW and ELK down Highway 92 to catch a few more hours in our Gresham district.  It’s a little further drive than the Waterloo or Saunders districts, but these fields are also definitely in striking distance for you to get to.  I believe the Gresham district will be wrapping up towards the middle of next week.  For our Lincoln acres out west, I am hearing our last first pulls might fall between the 25th and 28th, and then we would have some rewalks after that.  



For those of you that might happen to know my mom, she is one of the sweetest people on the planet and is basically keeping me alive by making us meals every few days.  She is from Germany, so a funny little oddity about me is that I can speak a decent amount of German.  But the strange thing about having a mom whose first language was not English is that while growing up, I didn’t learn some of the normal things other kids did–like Mother Goose, or various strange English idioms (what are two birds doing in a bush, anyway?).  This has led me to be rather fascinated with English idioms, in general, and last night I heard another one of these wonderful inventions.  Maybe you all know it, but it was brand-new to me:  “Every hour of sleep BEFORE midnight is worth two hours of sleep AFTER midnight.”  Wow.  I think that perfectly applies to detasseling.  When you get to bed early, it makes the next day go soooooo much better.  And apparently, I’m learning from one of our LLF guys that there is actual scientific research that bears this out.  Melatonin levels are at their highest, apparently, well before midnight, which lets you get the best sleep, which makes you less tired during the day.  Wow!!  So thank you for hanging in there, getting to bed early, and seeing so many fabulous sunrises that you would have missed otherwise!  We love you.  Thanks for joining us on this crazy ride.  

JUST FOR FUN:  Have you met Akbar yet??  This clip is HILARIOUS:  Akbar Youtube