From Cornfields to Law School
“I was sitting in this room full of attorneys who were picking apart my resumé during the interview. The one thing they all kept coming back to was ‘You detasseled for NINE years?’”
Ten Bucks Can Buy a Backpack… With Straps
If you have an extra ten bucks and want to change someone’s life, this would be an excellent way to do it.
Turning Seasonal Work into Blessings for Others
How can we make a seasonal business impact our community and world for good long after the summer is over?
How God Answered Our Dream to Build a School
I had to give up the idea of building a small school for the children in the Bangalore, India slum quarry.  It was very hard for me to do that.  You can only imagine my utter astonishment about how God provided for that need.

What people are saying

"On a personal note, I am so grateful for all that you do to serve the families of your employees–from the meeting, paper work demos, phone tree, the website, tips–and for all the detail and work involved in wrangling up all the kids and teaching them a positive work ethic in a positive environment. It was very challenging work, but our son did it with commitment, pride and a lot of duct tape. (Thanks for that tip!)"

Lisa B., mom

"I’d like to thank you for your efforts to develop NATS. I am impressed with how you try and meet the needs of all your clients–producer, employee, and parents. As a parent I am thrilled to find an organization with high standards of performance and character."

Don L., dad

"Dawn, thank you for being such an amazing boss to work with. I have had many, many jobs in the past and there is not one manager or boss that even comes close to how you treat me and the others you are in charge of. Every year your attitude towards us is the same as well, and you don’t become a jerk like most bosses are when they have a lot of power. For that, I am thankful. You are a very generous person as well, and I pray that God blesses you for that. Your kindness is not forgotten. Also, thank you so much for the pay raise. Like I said earlier, this season I was in great need of money, and this job along with your bonuses (kindness) has made my trip to Africa much more possible. Before detasseling I was expecting to have to take a loan out to go on this trip, but now I don’t have to."

Jason H., bus assistant for the Force

"I wanted to say that my first year of detasseling was great. I loved my bus! I loved everyone on it. It was awesome!"

Email received from first-year detasseler

"As parents we have wanted to give our daughters opportunities to know the value of hard work, and NATS has provided that for us. My husband and I have appreciated the high standard that is required of them, excellent working environment, and knowing the value of a dollar. Thank you, NATS!!!!"

Anne K., mom

"Although I got into detasseling in order to build my bank account, the money that I made over a four-year period was just a portion of the benefits produced by hard work and determination. Every day was an opportunity to receive wages while getting a bronze summer tan, working out (walking several miles each day), and hanging out with my friends on the crew, while walking up and down the rows of corn. It also taught me leadership skills as I was usually a squad leader in charge of anywhere from 2-6 coworkers, checking their rows for accuracy. One of the greatest benefits though, was the respect and hardworking reputation that comes along with being a veteran detasseler. I’ve had three jobs, one college career, and am currently employed as a physical therapist. I have never met a manager or a peer who was unimpressed with my job history of detasseling. I am forever grateful to Dawn Buell and NATS Detasseling for such a positive work environment and the benefits that I continue to reap. Four years of detasseling? The price of my first car. The respect and admiration I earned for life? Priceless."

David K., physical therapist

"People are always impressed when I say I’ve detasseled for the last three summers. It’s hot, hard work, and I’m so not a morning person, but every year, I’ve been sad to see the season end. Last summer on the Messiah bus was awesome! We had so much fun both on and off the bus with the ‘rose ceremonies,’ Sonic slushies, Yogurtini, and Valentino’s! I have made some great friends through NATS, and I might not have ever met them otherwise! "

Kourtney K., detasseler

"I have greatly enjoyed working with NATS over the years. The workers all gain a sense of what it means to earn their money and a great sense of teamwork. I admire the integrity and respect shown by the bus drivers and the bus assistants towards the workers."

Brian S., detasseler

"I love the comradeship that it promotes and the great people that I get to hang out with every day. It goes without saying that I also enjoy the money, but there is more to it than that. I really value the friendships and good times that you can’t get anywhere else than at 5 o’clock in the morning on a muddy bus"

David T., detasseler

"Thank you for providing our boys with such a rewarding job when they detasseled for you this summer. Not only did they learn the value of hard work by getting the reward of their first paychecks, but they had a fun time meeting some other great kids and working for your top-notch staff people. Thanks again for a great experience. Our family loved reading your daily updates, and your spiritual messages meant so much. We hope the boys will be invited back next year."

Jeff and Laura S, parents

"Having detasseled with NATS for five years, I have worked with several different NATS buses. NATS has always been staffed by individuals with a deep sense of integrity. As the company’s high rate of returning workers attests, there is no other detasseling company with such committed leaders."

Taylor G., fifth-year detasseler

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